My child says “I hate you!” Here’s what you should do

When children utter these hurtful words, it is often related to their frustration with not being able to have or do something they desire. Think about the times when your child says those words; it’s more likely than not when you’re stopping them from getting what they want or when they feel that you don’t … Read more

How to deal with a child who constantly misbehaves

How to deal with a child who constantly misbehaves.

I know I was not alone with my struggles. We all know, parenting a child who constantly misbehaves can be an incredibly challenging and draining experience. It can consume family life, leaving parents feeling overwhelmed and at their wits’ end. Despite trying everything in their power to change the behaviour, the cycle of misbehaviour seems … Read more

What to do when your child refuses to cooperate on a day out

My husband, son and I wanted to go to a well-known chicken restaurant, and although I know it’s not my daughter’s favourite, I also know she does eat chicken. In the past, I might have changed my preference, worried about how my daughter would react, or I would have tried to convince and persuade her, or … Read more