What to do when your child refuses to cooperate on a day out

My husband, son and I wanted to go to a well-known chicken restaurant, and although I know it’s not my daughter’s favourite, I also know she does eat chicken. In the past, I might have changed my preference, worried about how my daughter would react, or I would have tried to convince and persuade her, or … Read more

The Best Way To Handle Ungrateful Behaviour On Holiday

How to change ungrateful behaviour on holiday

Taking things off her or stopping her doing something she loves hasn’t worked.  Speaking to her calmly about her behaviour and what’s going on hasn’t helped at all.  Even getting her grandmother to speak with her hasn’t made the slightest difference!! Where am I going wrong and what do I do?? Everything ends up with … Read more

What to do when your child has a tantrum in public

Language of Listening® the coaching model I use and teach, is going to be your little piece of parenting magic that stops the tantrums for good. You’ll be wondering “Why did no one ever tell me before?” SO, what’s the difference? The difference between the Language of Listening® approach to dealing with tantrums and that … Read more