Sibling Fighting, Bickering And Hitting and How To Stop It For Good

Imagine, no more threatening turning off the WIFI if they don’t stop bickering? No more policing their every move. The problem with our usual responses is that we try and stop our children fighting, however, we will never see the long-lasting change we so want for our family from this place. We mean well as parents. … Read more

Strong-Willed child? How to melt defiance into willing cooperation

Do you ever find yourself wondering? Why your child has to be so darn stubborn? This is not what I signed up for when becoming a parent… It can be unbelievably maddening, dealing with the same behaviour day in day out. Perhaps you’ve tried everything… and still, nothing changes.  The good news is that there are … Read more

How to handle ungrateful, demanding, stressful behaviour while out shopping with your children

And here’s the thing we fail to understand.  It’s human nature to want what we want. Children are no different. Think about it! Don’t we want what we want?  It’s the same reason why you get so mad when your child doesn’t do what you want?! Children can want what they want; it doesn’t mean we have … Read more