What You Need To Know To Gain Cooperation

  We get triggered by that word NO! “BUT! I’m asking nicely, I’m empathising, and I still get resistant. My child is still not listening to me!!!” you might say. And here’s the thing! DID YOU KNOW THAT A DEMAND AND A REQUEST CAN START OUT THE SAME WAY? To tell the two apart it’s … Read more

How Your Thoughts Can Have A Massive Impact

  Literally, just as this thought crossed my mind, the mum caught her sons attention and told him off. “You’re so naughty! You’ll be going straight to your room when you get home.” She snarled. What just happened? What was naughty?! How can we both be in the same situation and see such hugely different … Read more

Everything before a “but” is a lie.

    Isn’t learning to own up and take accountability for our actions what we want to teach our children? By modelling our failings, we show our children that we all mess up and make mistakes, that no one is perfect and we can live and learn.   However: does your apology sound somewhat like … Read more