Keeping Your Cool



Time to build a mutually rewarding relationship with your child and be the parent you want to be

The Holy Grail of Parenting – Willing Cooperation

Imagine having kids that WANT to listen to you and do as you ask! How much easier would our parenting journey would be?! 

The way we were parented is engrained into our psyche.

Parenting decisions handed down from the generation before.  From the way, we handle tantrums, back talk or not listening.

I spent years following the advice of generations before, “Be stronger, show her who’s boss, take things away, cancel playdates….”

But I had this little niggling feeling.  I didn’t want this for my family. That parenting doesn’t have to be this way.
It can be hard to find a new way and follow a new path.


Conscious parenting takes us off this rollercoaster of reactiveness and gives us other options. We get to examine our thoughts and beliefs and our long-term goals for our family.

Things started to change for my family, I took the leap of faith and let go of the control. It can be a scary place when we stop with the threats, punishments and short-term compliance. But it works!

They need us to calmly lead the way, and here is the thing: when we have a strong connected relationship, our child will willingly follow our lead.

We will get the holy grail of parenting, WILLING COOPERATION!

We will have children who will WILLING LISTEN TO US. (well most of the time anyway)

And they will follow our lead because they want to, not because they fear us, or because they will miss a playdate or their favourite T.V show.

They will listen to us because they want to, it makes them feel good and it is their choice to do so.

Crazy thought, right?!

When we focus our attention on these 6 parenting shifts, magic starts to happen.

Click here for my 6 shifts to willing cooperation.

When we focus our attention in growing and learning and supporting our child and ourselves to do better next time, parenting becomes easier, more rewarding and a hell of a lot less stressful.

Much love,


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