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How Your Thoughts Can Have A Massive Impact

One of life’s luxuries!  A trip to the supermarket kid free… I was strolling slowly down the aisle taking my time for once, without having to stop or fend off “Can I HAAAAVVEEEEE…” or wrestle down the sweet aisle.. (Know what I mean?!)

A mum and her two boys were hurrying past me, probably a mad dash to the supermarket before an afterschool club, she was grabbing items off the shelves and her boys were giggling while helping put the items into the trolley.

And I smiled to myself. What lovely boys I thought. What a lucky mum.


Literally, just as this thought crossed my mind, the mum caught her sons attention and told him off.

“You’re so naughty! You’ll be going straight to your room when you get home.” She snarled.

What just happened? What was naughty?! How can we both be in the same situation and see such hugely different things?

Ever been in a situation like that?

And that’s what’s so funny about parenting….It’s not the situation we react to. It’s our thoughts ABOUT the situation we react to.

Between the situation and our reaction are two steps that are SO quick, that most of us don’t realise it happens.

The missing piece. 

Between the situation and our actions are our FEELINGS and THOUGHTS.

AND what fuels our thoughts?

Our assumptions, our beliefs, our judgements, our fears, our expectations.