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Time to build a mutually rewarding relationship with your child and be the parent you want to be

About Me

There was a time, when I was always punishing and threatening my children in order to change their behaviour. Anything to get them to listen to me!

From getting both my children to school in the morning to getting them to sleep at night, each day felt like a relentless battle.

My two children are very different in character. My son is laid-back with an easy temperament.

My daughter on the other hand, is full of life: strong-willed and easily overwhelmed. She was the child who had the huge meltdowns in the supermarket, who would scream as she left a play date. She would push my buttons like no one else. In short, she was hard work!

I was constantly losing my cool and whatever I tried, just didn’t seem to work. I knew something had to change.

Parenting was a huge struggle. I continuously questioned my ability and doubted myself as a mother. Was I not strict enough? Was I too strict? Was I simply not good enough?

If this sounds familiar, keep reading. There is hope.

If you have a stubborn and defiant child, one who hits out, refuses to listen and fights with their siblings; the constant battle of wills is more than exhausting. It negatively starts to dominate all areas of family life and makes for a chaotic and overwhelming lifestyle choice.

I use the word choice, because it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way to connect and communicate.

Uncovering the secret of great parenting, required the knowledge of my 10-year background in primary education, alongside a passion to devote my time into retraining as a parenting coach. Even to this day, my learning is continuous to make sure I bring you the latest research in child development.

My professional training has taught me that as parents, we react to our children’s behaviour from instinct. This instinct is often polluted by social media, unfounded psychology, personal experience and both traditional and latest parenting fads. As you have probably realised, these techniques just DO NOT work. 

By ditching these techniques and understanding that although each child is an individual, to combine the latest research in child development with listening and observing a unique need set, we find the right tools to make parenting easy.

The result?

I now have an incredible relationship with both of my children. They both behave better than I ever thought possible. What’s more, the shouting has stopped and they willingly cooperate and listen.

And the great news? From the benefit of my experience and parent coaching qualifications, I can help you to achieve the same incredible results.

Accredited by the government hallmark of quality standards—CANparent, I am an experienced and qualified parenting coach. Here to help and support parents in overcoming challenging children.

No matter where you are located, my expert courses bring calm to your chaos:

  • Suitable for any location
  • Perfect for parents of children aged 3-11 years
  • Non-judgemental support
  • Professional, science-based parenting techniques

I don’t offer you a sticking plaster or a temporary solution. My short courses leave a long-lasting effect and my clients start to see a transformation within the first few days.

 Moreover, my parenting courses do not take away your power as a parent or encourage permissive parenting. They ensure you remain in charge and help you to communicate in a way your children will WANT to listen.

I support hundreds of families like you, wherever you are on your parenting journey. I give you the roadmap, the guidance and the tools to make your job as a parent—easy. It will be an honour to witness the remarkable and lasting transformation that my courses will make to your family life.

Are you ready to make the shift, gain willing cooperation, have children who listen to you and improve your family harmony?

Contact me today to schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation! Here we will discuss what is working, what is not working and how you can take your next step forward.

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