9 Common Communication Traps

A regular day with a more strong-willed child was no plain sailing. It’s noisy. Relentless. Challenging. All would be going to plan. Dinner √ Quiet playtime √ Bath time √ Story time tick √ Suddenly the pyjamas she was wearing weren’t the ones she REALLY wanted and it ALL KICKED OFF. Ever wondered why utter … Read more

The Holy Grail of Parenting – Willing Cooperation

  Conscious parenting takes us off this rollercoaster of reactiveness and gives us other options. We get to examine our thoughts and beliefs and our long-term goals for our family. Things started to change for my family, I took the leap of faith and let go of the control. It can be a scary place … Read more

What Is Mental Health and How Can We Support Our Kids?

  To support our emotional wellbeing, relationships play an important role. They help us live happier and longer lives with fewer physical and mental health problems. As parents, there are so many things we can do to support the emotional well-being of our kids. Emotional wellbeing has four key parts Self-awareness; Managing our emotions; Empathy; … Read more