What is Naughty Anyway?

  When my child hits, kicks or doesn’t share they are NOT naughty.  They just lack the impulse control to do any better in that moment. We have to stop the behaviour and redirect without the shame, blame and guilt.  We have to teach them what they can do instead. We need to help them practice new … Read more

5 ways to help raise kind children

 Did you know that numerous studies find that people who show compassion and empathy have better relationships with family and friends? They grow up to be happier, healthier and more successful in life.   So how can we help our children learn kindness?   Be a good role model. Our children are watching and learning … Read more

Are Screens Taking Over Family Life? Have you had enough of screen time?

  Screens were taking over, eking into every waking moment. It was the go-to activity for my children, the first thing they wanted to do in the morning, the first thing they wanted to do when getting home from an outing or after school. The last thing they wanted to do before bed. AHHHH IT … Read more