5 Things Not To Do When Your Child Is Having A Tantrum In Public

    I could have: Threatened  “If you don’t stop right now, you’ll be going straight home to your room.” Or belittled “Stop acting like a baby” Or reprimanded “How dare you speak to me like that? How dare you be so rude and disobedient?” Or shamed “What do you think you’re doing? Everyone is … Read more

Trust me! There is another way, a way that you can stay in charge, call the shots and get willing cooperation.

I knew something had to change. We get confused with all the dated advice out there, such as ”You just need to be firmer”, “Show them who‘s boss”, “Bring back the naughty step.” The problem is that none of these techniques works in the long term to create happy family members. Trust me! There is … Read more